New Years always leaves me with the same profound life question year after year without fail that I’m sure we all can relate to…Is it spelled New “Years” or New “Year’s”? I never know. Year’s looks a little better. Damn you proper grammar! I’m sure that’ll be the first of many such grammatical and spelling situations I’ll find myself in over the course of this year as I try my best to document this crazy experiment of sobriety I’m conducting. I can’t guarantee I’ll post everyday (or even every week for that matter) but I do think a little blog of progress would be a beneficial thing, if not for the reader for the writer at least. I’ll even try to video blog along the way just so everyone can actually see me locking myself into a padded cell on St Patrick’s Day or opening fire from a bell tower during Oktoberfest. You know the little things. So Happy New Year’s everyone! Only 363 days left in 2011. Make em count!



One thought on “SOBER CITY – Day 2”

  1. Good luck with that Joe. I made that same resolution in 1999. I’ve drank maybe 6 times sice then and haven’t been drunk once since then. xo

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