Greetings followers of my insane experiment to better myself and test the limits of going against my inner Cape Breton instincts! It’s been 3 weeks and all is well in Sober City. I’ve gone this long many times before so nothing feels really new here. The only difference is when I would take my month long breaks in the past I’d already be planning my “triumphant return to alcohol” at this point and most likely end up on a messy two day drinking extravaganza that would end with a three day hangover and a significantly lighter wallet. Fun times for sure but ultimately not very productive.

I’ve been trying to go out as much as possible and surround myself with as many drunk people and alcoholic beverages as I can. I figure everything is going to be easier at the beginning when I’m still gung-ho and head strong so I may as well start creating new habits while the getting’s good. I’m honestly loving it. Diet Cokes are my go to beverage of choice and I haven’t had a single craving or awkward “I’m-the-only-sober-guy-here” moment yet and the lack of hangovers the next day is seriously kicking ass.

I’m also noticing the strange phenomenon of “contact drunk”. It’s like the contact high you get hanging out with people smoking weed when you’re not smoking at all. Sure that’s called second hand smoke and there’s a scientific explanation for it, but I think the same principles can apply to being sober around a bunch of drunk friends if only psychologically. It’s all in my head but luckily that’s where everything is so it works for me.

All in all the experiment is still a success and the ride is smooth. My birthday is a week from today and I’m planning on having a big night out with everyone that can make it so I’ll blog about that for sure. It’ll be the first birthday since I was about 15 that I will not be celebrating with at least one adult beverage but I’m not too worried about it. It’ll just be another chance to have a new experience involving altering an old tradition. When you get right down to it, nothing really changes. You still get to have the fun of being with all your friends and acting crazy if you want to, you just get to remember more and feel better in the morning.

So far that’s the biggest discovery I’ve made. Nothing really changes if you don’t want it to. I guess I already knew that as I’ve seen it with Cory, the only fully sober friend I have. His experience and reasons for being sober are way more serious and important than mine but I’ve found myself thinking about how he was (and still is) always down to go out and be around alcohol no matter what. He never appeared to be the “sober guy” the entire time we were shooting Kaya and we went out quite a bit including a 48 hour trip to The MTV VMAs in Vegas. I figure if he can live the life he’s living (especially now) and stay sober for as many years as he has then a year for me should be a piece of cake.

It’s all about perspective kids! Life is what you make it and everything that we experience is first filtered through our crazy brains. It’s up to us how we interpret those experiences so we might as well focus on the good things instead of all the shitty stuff. Write that down. Good not shitty. I’m a word wizard. Shazam!


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