January 31stIt’s been 31 days of sobriety and as of two days ago 31 years of being alive. Every year since the mid to late 90’s I’ve usually spent yesterday in various stages of head throbbing, body aching retribution from the evil booze gods, but not this year folks! I am happy to report that zero alcohol was imbibed by yours truly and I have to give Morgan Smith (of Day Theory and Afraid Of Humans fame!) partial credit for drinking not only my share and his, but also enough booze to fuel the streets of San Francisco twice over. What a trooper. I had a great time with great friends and discovered that Beck’s non alcoholic beer isn’t completely disgusting. That and two separate sessions of Rock Band 3 (with my new keyboard peripheral thanks to Meghan!) made for a fantastic birthday that went well into the wee hours of the next morning.So how different was it not drinking? Not different at all. The only minor thing I noticed was how some people felt briefly weird about being so drunk while I was dead sober, but those moments were few and far between and more about them being temporarily self conscious than honestly feeling weird. All my friends have known me long enough to know that I really don’t mind being around drunk people whether I’m sober or not. I was raised on the road by musicians and roadies after all.So all is good! I’ve got my Top 10 movies of 2010 coming up next and hopefully many more blog worthy adventures in Sober City. Cheers!


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