Saturday Feb. 5th, 2011
So it’s been over a month sans the booze and I’m feeling pretty great. This is now the most days I’ve gone consecutively sober since my early 20’s and this blog is sounding more and more like an AA meeting everyday. I was briefly spooked by a link someone left on my last post about how some non-alcoholic beers are actually 0.5% and therefor technically contain alcohol. This is true but thankfully after double checking the type of Beck’s I had on my birthday, I confirmed that it is in fact one of the few that actually contain 0% alcohol so bullet dodged and experiment still intact.
Now I think that’s a high enough percentage of booze talk in this blog, so let’s move on to my Top Ten Movies of 2010! Normally I’d add pretty pictures of all the films and little blurbs about why I included each movie on the list, but I’ve opted for the simpler “list of movies unnumbered in semi random order”. That just means they’re not necessarily in order from “best” to “less best”, but I did spend some time considering placement from top to bottom so it’s not complete chaos. Also there ended up being a handful of movies I didn’t get to see yet that could’ve ended up on the list, including “I Love You Phillip Morris” which never played anywhere in Canada EVER and is officially THE FIRST JIM CARREY MOVIE I DIDN’T SEE IN THEATERS ON OPENING DAY SINCE DUMB AND DUMBER! But I digress. Here’s the list:
BEST MOVIES OF 2010 (according to me)
True Grit
Black Swan
The Social Network
The Fighter
Blue Valentine
The King’s Speech
127 Hours
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World
Exit Through The Gift Shop
There ya go. Good for you. Thanks for reading. You know what? Here’s 5 more great movies from 2010 just because you’re so awesome:
The Kids Are Alright
Easy A
Toy Story 3
Kick Ass
The Town
Good times. Cheers!


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