Sober City – February 19th, 2011
OK. Fine. You got me. I admit it. This is not as easy as it seemed at first. I wouldn’t say I’ve had cravings exactly but over the past few days I’ve definitely experienced moments of longing for time spent with my good pal beer and his gang of Australian wine friends. The Beck’s Non-Alcoholic beer is doing it’s job and keeping me out with friends but it’s like being at a party with Keith Richards and Lindsay Lohan while you spend your time at the snack table with newly sober Charlie Sheen. Oh sure the stories about doing blow with Pee Wee Herman and hiding dead hookers at The Playboy Mansion are cool at first but after a while your looking for an excuse to find a bathroom, secretly hoping you’ll bump into Kesha and Andy Dick so you can have some real fun you will inevitably regret and relive insesently through stories at future snack tables forever. I exaggerate but only slightly.
But fear not dear readers, the force is strong with me. I have yet to give in to these evil moments of temptation and I’m not about to ruin my entire experiment for a fleeting moment of liquid satisfaction. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it anyway, what with all the guilt and prying eyes attached. I just think it’s important to convey to anyone reading this that it’s not a walk in the park and I’m really no different than anyone else out there who thinks they could never do what I’m doing. I don’t think I can do it either! That’s exactly why I’m doing it. If I knew this was something I was 100% positive I could do no problem then it would be a pointless experiment and I’d be at a pub right now writing a blog no one would ever see about how terrible Kareoke makes me feel. The things that truly change you and make you a better person shouldn’t be easy and shouldn’t be familiar. No one grows without change and you can’t change if you play it safe.
All those inspirational words aside, I do look forward to reuniting with my adult beverage friends in 2012. Not enough to become clingy and overbearing but enough to maintain a healthy relationship and let then know I still enjoy their company. Except Jäger. He’s just an asshole. Cheers!


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