SOBER CITY – Day 307


Sober City – November 3, 2011
In less than two months 2011 will give way to 2012, champagne glasses across the globe will clink in celebration of another turning tide and Sober City will be less one resident. Over 300 days ago I set the wheels in motion on an experiment that would profoundly change my physical and mental self and as I begin these final stages I’m amazed at how far I’ve come and how many of you have come along with me. It’s been an amazing ride full of highs and lows and I thank you all for supporting me through the madness. I truly wouldn’t have been able to accomplish something like this without knowing people out there were not only watching me and holding my feet to the fire but also rooting for me to succeed. This blog gave me reasons beyond myself to stay true to my promise and never stray from the path because I needed to be the example. I mean, if I could do it, then surely anyone could. It gave me the much needed added responsibility that carried me through any tough moments I may have had and brought me all the way to where I am today, at Starbucks typing on my iPhone and drinking way too much coffee…so thank you.
Now I know it’s not over yet but I can honestly say that after 10 months of sobriety and extreme life changing, no matter what happens, the experiment was a huge success. That’s not to say I’m in any danger of quitting early. Short of someone force feeding me alcohol with handcuffs and a funnel, there is absolutely no way I would ever imbibe before that New Year’s countdown hits “Happy New Year!” and my self imposed spell is officially broken. I’ve come way too far to add a “one year sober except for that one time near the end” asterisk to this accomplishment so get ready to settle up all those bets naysayers. It’s actually going to happen.
On a side note, part of the reason for my lack of posts lately has been due to Posterous feeling the need to completely change their site to compete with Tumblr and in the process they’ve made it harder for me to post the way I like. It’s too bad because we had a good thing going before and now I’m going to have to break it off and transfer everything to a new site that appreciates all I have to offer them. Your loss inanimate web site, your loss. Any ideas for a better place to blog are welcome, until then Sober City continues to thrive until the great alcohol flood of 2012 commences and order is once again restored. The end is near. Cheers!


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