SOBER CITY – Day 365 – The Final Post


Sober City, January 1st, 2012
Well kids, don’t let them tell you miracles can’t happen because they are horribly wrong and terrible people for lying to your innocent faces. Clearly miracles DO happen and anything is indeed possible. I’ve come to the end of my year long self imposed sabbatical from alcohol and come out the other end healthier and happier without sipping a drip of the good stuff. What started out as a simple challenge turned into a life altering and incredibly fulfilling journey that has allowed me to rediscover who I am and who I truly want to be. I’m extremely grateful for all your love and support throughout the year and I can’t thank you all enough for providing me with an outlet for my frustrations as well as an audience to continually hold my feet to the fire and keep me true to my word. You guys helped me do this more than you’ll ever know and I thank you from the bottom of my alcohol deprived heart.
Now truth be told, I haven’t made it yet. I mean I made it by the time you’re reading this but as I’m writing this, I still have 28 hours until the year is officially over. It’s safe to say though, baring a situation where I would find myself trapped in a giant vat of beer where my only means of survival involved a straw and a catheter, I’m going to make it to the bitter end at midnight New Year’s Eve. I figure it best to write this final post now though as opposed to writing it through the headache and regret that most certainly will be dominating my Sunday morning, afternoon and rest of the year. I will however add my final video of the actual moment after the countdown so that everyone can witness the official end of Sober City for themselves and cheer me on or gasp in horror and shame.
So thank you all for paying attention to my little experiment and helping me accomplish something I’ll be crazy proud of for the rest of my life. My Posterous site will stay up and active if you ever feel the need to relive my madness or show it to a friend but this will officially be the final new post. Follow me on Twitter @joemacleod if you want to know how things are going on a regular basis or at where I may or may not keep blogging from time to time (my list of favorite albums of 2011 is the only thing up there at this point).
The Sober City experiment may be over but the big experiment of life is forever going on and no matter what we do or who we might seem to be, we can always choose a new direction if we don’t like the one we’re heading in. If I can do it, you can do it too. So raise a glass with me if you got one, no matter what may be in it and let’s drink to love, laughter and Lemon Hart rum. Always choose the life you want to live and live out your life one choice at a time. Cheers!


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