SOBER CITY – Moderation


This post feels weird for 2 reasons; Number 1: It’s the first Sober City post I’ve written in a while without a numbered day attached to it.
Number 2: It’s the first Sober City post I’ve EVER written while drinking a beer. You read that right. I’m drinking a real beer and it’s delicious.
So for those of you who might have missed my last post (or were just confused by the vague subtly of my redefinition of this blog), Sober City isn’t about me not drinking anymore, it’s about positive self reinforcement through moments of clarity and sober thinking. In other words, I’m drinking again. Realizing alcohol wasn’t my main problem meant taking away any power it had over me. Avoiding it entirely only makes it more of a constant presence in my life by becoming this thing that I’m always talking/thinking/writing about, when it really shouldn’t be anything more than a beverage I enjoy on occasion…and therein lies the key. On occasion. Moderation. It’s the minor character that has been hovering in the wings this entire blog since day one and it’s time for it to take its rightful place at center stage.
Now before I go any further, I should stress that I fully realize that moderation doesn’t work for everyone and that people with serious alcohol/drug/nicotine addictions should absolutely seek help in quitting full on. The obvious question here is, “What makes me think I don’t have a serious problem?”. Well while it’s hard to answer that without sounding like I’m in complete denial, all I can say is, I don’t. If in trying to moderate my drinking I find myself not able to just have a couple here and there without getting wasted every time, then I will be the first to admit I have a problem, but for now I’m just focusing on staying happy and healthy mentally and being the best me I can be. So far so good.
Moderation has always been the better way to go with things that are ultimately “bad” for you one way or another and practicing moderation doesn’t have to be as hard as it can sound. It’s nice to be able to go out and stop at 2 or 3 drinks instead of thinking I need to keep going until I guarantee myself a hangover. I still get the desired effects, I still get to indulge in the things I enjoy and it’s ultimately not that hard to do. After spending an entire year avoiding it completely, cutting back and moderating myself seems like a cakewalk in comparison and I have a pretty good gauge of when to have one more and when to switch to water. This is all common sense of course and it’s seems ridiculous to even have to waste time typing any of it but it’s all part of the process and sometimes it feels good to remember the simple things.
Now I’m not saying I’ll never get drunk again, but I am saying it’s going to be WAY more infrequently than ever before and only when I make a very conscious choice to do so. It’s been said a million times but I’ll say it again, “Everything is fine in moderation”. It’s just being honest with your ability to moderate that’s important. Here’s to hoping I can be sober minded enough to do just that.


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