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I’ve been writing so much music lately I’ve completely neglected my blogging duties. Already that first sentence sounds weird and ill formed. That one too. Holy shit. I’ve either already lost what little writing skill I may have possessed at one time or judgement has reared its ugly head once again. I’m 95% sure it’s the latter. That stupid asshole voice in my head that spends all it’s goddamn time yelling how bad everything is. It’s super annoying and way too loud. It’s true, I’ve had a recent explosion of musical creativity as of late resulting in no less than 10 new songs (hopefully the genesis of the debut Dazy Mojo album), but that burst of hyper confidence and admiration for my art is unfortunately followed by the ever inevitable demon monster of self doubt and judgement. Like shitty clockwork it reveals its stupid face and it’s nothing new but it always sucks in subtly different ways just the same. It holds me hostage while my songs somehow simultaneously age with mold and stay frozen in time. My writing suffers, my confidence suffers, and sleep is the only thing that manages to escape it’s filthy clutches. Luckily, I know this cretinous swine’s power is temporary and must not be trusted. Batten the hatches! Ride out the storm! The beast shall indeed be tamed!

Speaking of “taming beasts”, I feel the need to briefly discuss a little victory I’ve experienced recently involving addiction. I’ve gone well over a month without doing something that I deeply enjoy and tend to devote countless hours to on a somewhat daily basis. I quit video games. For anyone who doesn’t self identify as a “gamer” like I do, this may seem like a ridiculously childish thing for a 35 year old to care about but believe me it’s absolutely serious and also an absolutely real addiction. That being said, I’m not going to rant about the evils of video game addiction or weigh in on the negative effects gaming might have on the brain, I’m simply saying for me, it was time to put down the controller. It was really a time management decision more than anything. Without spending countless hours of my day collecting non existent trophies and completing quest after quest for imaginary robots, I’m forced to fill that time doing anything else. Sure a lot of that time is still spent sitting on my couch binge watching Netflix but a big part of it is now also spent sitting at my piano actually producing content instead of just endlessly ingesting it like Jabba The Hutt with a tape worm. I’ll still be a gamer for life and I’m sure my PS3 hasn’t endured its last epic session of dragon slaying or collectible hunting but at least now I’m fully aware of what I’d potentially be sacrificing in it’s place. Progress.
In other news, I’m settling into my part time second life as a poor man’s Sam Malone quite nicely. Working in a bar with people ten years younger than me might have it’s downsides (the fact that some of them may have watched me on TV when they were kids is a whole other story) but work is work and chatting up people all day over drinks is not a bad way to make a living as far as I’m concerned. Plus the cliche has finally been achieved! Like almost every other actor before me, I am now officially also a waiter. My time line may be a little messy but the ritual is complete. Maybe now one day Nicolas Cage will win the lottery and give me half the winnings in lieu of a tip just like that seminal 1990’s true life motion picture classic Face/Off. I still can’t believe how much Bridgette Fonda looked like that guy from Saturday Night Fever. Ah Hollywood magic. And scene.

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